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  • Jinwen Xian is a designer and artist based in London and Shanghai, currently studying at Royal College of Art. 


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Feb 2019
Performance Art

This project aimed to challenge the public's common preconception about the connection between body and eroticism by putting my own body in a contemporary environment created with projected unusual graphics. Presenting to audiences within a ne art context and consider the uid border between vulgarity and elegance. It also came up with the suspicion of the standard of ‘contemporary art’.

It seems like a part of human nature that naked bodies are thought to be strongly connected to the porn. But sometimes, these feelings of erotics are in uenced by various factors such as environment, forms or decorations. One of the most well-known example is that famous artworks often includes naked female bodies, as they're seen as arts in gallery environments.

Experiment on the body

I use the aluminium foil as the material for decorating the scene because they can create a sense of futuristic within the combination of light. Moreover, I got inspiration from a porn website, women in latex can evoke people's sexuality, but these photos are hard to connect with porn due to the superb photography techniques.

Alumni foils work perfectly well with old TVs, for the con icting but converging context of the two objects. Foils represent a future of electronic devices and space explorations, and the bulky CRT TVs stand for the visons about futur of people from that era. Although the two things are obviously from two very di erent times, the context of them illustrates the same and eternal seeking for tomorrow of the humankind. That's why this is my personal favorite combination of materials.

Aluminium Foil


‘Erotic art is truly an image without context, a naked and pure image that transgresses the norm by making the private, the intimate and the sexual public, expressing the in nite power and beauty of the subconscious.’

From this, we can see that as long as the artist or an o cial institution claims that those pornographic visual materials are erotic art, or they are placed in solemn and grand occasions, such as museums, they are undoubtedly arts.


The early attempts using Madmapper was failed, but valuable. Based on my early ideas of that environment could heavily in uence people's perceptions about bodies, I tried to project pictures of di erent environmrnt around my body and outline the border between me and the background using colours. Technical issues are the reason why this idea was di cult to be realized. Projection mapping softwares are mostly being used on architectures and o ers little help on projecting bodies since human couldn't totally prevent their bodies from moving.

Outcomes based on the early thoughts

Some images I made contains elements from an art style called Vaporwave. This style of arts are usually described as an expression of the dissapointment about today's social and political failures. Di erent from rock musics and similar styles, vaporwave is all about negative acceptance toward the world and society. This attitude matches the whole trend of contemporary art in the current context.