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  • Jinwen Xian is a designer and artist based in London and Shanghai, currently studying at Royal College of Art. 


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Hear the Ocean Sound

Mar 2017 - May 2017
Data Sonification

This is a website that can hear the real-time sound of the ocean closest to you, or click on another marker to listen to the sounds in the rest of the UK. It helps people relax and meditate by making people feel connected to nature.

Most of background sounds in the existing apps are not real-time data, some of them even have the same sound sources. I decided to synthesize waves sound by myself, using data of sea level difference.

The most convince web I found. There are 40 UK stations and each of them has very comprehensive data of sea level and tide gauges, which would be my main data source of this project.

There are 40 stations (sampling locations) around UK. 40 copies of data need to be downloaded. Replace the “output=tab” with “output=asc” in the URL, then will get a tab file. Then change the suffix .tab to .csv. Then convert it to JSON file. For more computer-readable, I change the format of time. For example 0 means 00:00, 15 means 00:15, 30 means 00:30, etc. I divided the sea level data into four parts and play different sounds. And associate it with ocking. 0-2,2-5, 5-8,8+ from gentle to hurried.