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  • Jinwen Xian is a designer and artist based in London and Shanghai, currently studying at Royal College of Art. 


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May 2019
Interactive Art

This project aims to introduce audiences the process of how self-censorship change our talking behaviours on social media and how we give up expressing strong opinions in exchange for undisturbed.

What can we do when we face the central supervision of the government and the surrounding gaze from different netizens?

Exploring ideas of self-censorship, this project creates personal and collective interactive experiences through a variety of mediums ranging from small-scale installation and narrative images to digital interface.

Overview Ideas

Winnie the Pooh as a signified of China's President Xi Jinping, which was banned in China.

2. Panopticon by Jeremy Bentham Everyone IID student needs to read Foucault. Everyone who cares about human being needs to read Foucault.

3.  A Chinese Cyborg poem that the whole information hide in messy code (Text – Pronunciation translation, Hieroglyphic
translation, Classic Chinese meaning translation, Meaning Extend translation, Mixed translation).

4. A Weibo post (Chinese Twitter) contains the content of the origin of Labor Day and an image of the parade was deleted without any sensitive words.

visual elements


The other side of the self-censorship, apart from the government, will have different communities (groups) depending on the events. Fans group, religious fanatics, homophobia, etc.

Cathedral of Socialism

Although already being discovered during the Nazis German period, many people still don't know about the "hidden" history of Bauhaus' early connections with socialism. When we look back on the famous Bauhaus exhibition on 1923, we could hardly imagine that the influential Article published by Walter Gropius was an urgent alternative to the original one authored by Oskar Schlemmer. The article mentioned about an conception called "Cathedral of Socialism", an figurative expression of early Bauhaus artists' political vision, and it became the reason why this article Was "removed" from the history - Gropius and other representative artists attempted to make Bauhaus considered as a non political organization - until a copy of the article was found by Nazis German and led to Schlemmer's death.

Multiple Virtual Identities

Most of the new social medias have given users the freedom to create multiple accounts, which made the users believe that the companies are protecting their private informations by allowing them to have multiple online identities. However, now we all know the truth: the so called protective identities simply helps the social media runners to steal your information easily.

The world we lived in

Surveillance camera is inevitably becoming a part of our society. The governments would say that it could help the social safety, the law makers would say it provides evidence for hidden cases, the big companies would say it's essential to make sure employees are under proper management. But what could the ordinary public say?

Distortion Field

Just like even lights could be bend by black holes, the truth could also be twisted be some kind of outside forces. In this genration when all the living people have to read or watch news through similar sources, any slight changes on the original information could cause big differences. Sometimes it's like wave in a pond, sometimes it's like tsunami striking the shore, and if someone really want, he could simply replace the water with sands...



Read the manifesto and hide a word within the sticker

Use gashapon machine and get a QR code (six times ideally)

Scan the code with iMac camera (six times ideally)

See the posters

Example of changing of the sentence