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  • Jinwen Xian is a designer and artist based in London and Shanghai, currently studying at Royal College of Art. 


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Oct 2019

This is a process of concreteness gradually became abstracting, where photographies lost the authenticity while the memory was shaped. This is the path that has always existed in my imagination. I found a perfect correspondence in the Holland Park. Afterwards, this path existed in the real world and in my mind at the same time, which allowed myself to reflect on the perception of, and presence in, these worlds within worlds.

It was a practices of consciousness exploration and multi-memory research process. I found the ego and felt into my intuition. The meditation I did here gave me the courage to come out of the deep depression. This is the place to engage in a dialogue with the inner self and external reality. The Stone Tape theory believes that ghosts and hauntings are analogous to tape recordings, and that mental impressions during emotional can be projected in the form of energy, recorded onto rocks and replayed under certain conditions.

The perceptual shift that takes place when technological advancements emphasise speed and reproducibility. The aura is found in a work of art that contains presence. The aura is precisely what cannot be reproduced in a work of art: its original presence in time and space. Artworks designed for reproduction, such as photography and engraving. The real authenticity becomes meaningless. One hundred years ago, the camera negatives were authentic, and all the washed photos were copies. Where is the authenticity of the Internet now? Instead of distinguishing the aura of Internet art, we would say it is a new art form. If we define the scope and influence of communication as the new aura of contemporary internet art, then the value of the display of art will be strengthened, thus increasing the acceptance of art.