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  • Jinwen Xian is a designer and artist based in London and Shanghai, currently studying at Royal College of Art. 


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The Gate

Jun 2018 - Jul 2018
Interactive Installation / Visual Identity

This work is placed at the position of yellow warning line of the underground's platform as a visual and psychological 'platform screen door' (PSD) that converts the pressure sensor signal into different colours of light in different situations to interact with the audience.

When the train has not entered the station yet, the lights are dark red and they will light up if people step on them, which is a warning sign. When the train enters the station, the lights would turn to green as the train gets in, and it looks like the train brought the green words in. When the doors of the train are opened, the place where people step on will turn red.

why we need the PSDs

We want to display interesting quotes with special interactions occationally.  Another idea is that we can make this kind of special quotes appear randomly time to time, to attract passengers to interact with them.

For instance, when people step over the line of “Giant leap for mankind” by Neil Armstrong, the parts of the line that were stepped will turn into light grey - the colour of surface of the moon.

I also established a visual identity for it.